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Curricular Approach

10 ~ Thesis:  (advisor: Kathleen Bailey)

Triadic Interaction in Young Learner EFL Classrooms: Virtual Windows of Opportunity







Access video excerpts and a recorded audio version of the thesis below:


1. Excerpt One ~ Academy Ħ°AĦħ ~ Class one ~ A1-1

2.       Excerpt Two ~ Academy Ħ°AĦħ ~ Class one ~ A1-2

3.       Excerpt Three ~ Academy Ħ°AĦħ ~ Class one ~ A1-3

4.       Excerpt Four ~ Academy Ħ°AĦħ ~ Class one ~ A1-4

5.       Excerpt Five ~ Academy Ħ°BĦħ ~ Class one ~ B1-1

6.       Excerpt Six ~ Academy Ħ°BĦħ ~ Class two ~ B2-1

7.       Excerpt Seven ~ Academy Ħ°BĦħ ~ Class two ~ B2-2

8. Excerpt Eight ~ Academy Ħ°BĦħ ~ Class two ~ B2-3


Audio Thesis ~ Virtual Windows of Opportunity:

          1) Chapter One: Introduction

          2) Chapter Two: Literature Review One (1 ~ 5)

          3) Chapter Two: Literature Review Two (6 ~ 8)

          4) Chapter Three: Research Design

          5) Chapter Four: Data Collection Procedures

          6) Chapter Five: Analysis of Video Excerpts (1 ~ 5)

          7) Chapter Five: Analysis of Video Excerpts (6 ~ 8)

          8) Chapter Six: Questionnaire Analysis


9) Chapter Seven: Discussion and Interpretation

              7~1: Introduction

              7~2: Research Questions One and Two

              7~3: Research Questions Three and Four

              7~4: Theoretical and Pedagogical Implications

              7~5: Limitations of the Study

              7~6: Further Research

              7~7: Conclusion



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1 ~ Edu540: Second Language Acquisition (Prof. Rod Ellis)

Paper One: Free Variation

Paper Two: Corrective Feedback

2 ~ Edu560: Second Language Classroom Research (Prof. Rod Ellis)

Paper One: Summary and Critique of a CALL Study

Paper Two: A Focus on Forms Online Curriculum

3 ~ Edu510: Grammar for Language Teachers (Prof. Rod Ellis)

Paper One: Options for Teaching Grammar

Paper Two: An Activity Based Syllabus

4 ~ Edu520: Phonology for Language Teachers (Prof. Kathleen Bailey)

Paper One: Teaching Pronunciation: Case Study Parameters for Young Learners

5 ~ Edu580: Second Language Curriculum Development (Prof. David Nunan)

Paper One: Steps in Designing a Unit of Work

Paper Two: Designing a Curriculum: Beginner Program for EFL Young Learners

6 ~ Edu550: Second Language Classroom Management (Prof. Martha Cummings)

Paper One: Taking Virtual Steps*

Paper Two: The Landscape of Intervention*

7 ~ Edu530: Discourse Analysis (Prof. Ruth Wajnryb)

Paper One: Discourse Trajectory and Participant Harmony*

8 ~ Edu570: Classroom-based Evaluation (Prof. Kathleen Bailey)

Paper One: Review of the Oral Proficiency Interview

Paper Two: Original Test Development Project: A Virtual Assessment

9 ~ Edu590: Research Methods in Language Learning (Prof. David Nunan)

Paper One: Communities, Concepts and the Jungle of Words*

Part Two

Part One