~ English for Conversation,Friendship, and Travel ~

ˇ°Honor your mistakes, they will lead to learning...

Through this learning, more mistakes will be madeˇ¦

Through this process, mistakes are no longer mistakesˇ¦

They become the act of learning.ˇ±





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 Curriculums for Adults and Teens:    English Curriculums for Learners of all Ages ~Welcome to The Language Works ~

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~ Young Learner Curriculum ~

~ TLW ~  English ˇ°Speech Makingˇ± for Beginners ~

Conversation ~ Group One

Conversation ~ Group Two

 Dialog ~ Group One

Dialog ~ Group Two

Topics ~ Group One

Topics ~ Group Three

Lectures ~ Long

 Dialog ~ Group Three

Conversation ~ Group Three

Topics ~ Group Two

1) Basic Conversation Course ~ Beginner Level 

5) Intermediate Conversation Course ~ Intermediate Level

8) Topic Discussion Course ~ Upper Intermediate ~ Advanced Level

2) Basic Travel Course ~ Beginner Level


Lectures ~ Short

6) Movies and Biographies Course ~ Upper Intermediate Level


Writing ~ Group One

Writing ~ Group Two

Writing ~ Group Three

4) Writing Basics Course ~ Intermediate Level 

Travel English ~ Group One

Travel English ~ Group Two

Travel English ~ Group Three

7) News Discussion Course ~ Upper Intermediate Level

News ~ Group One

News ~ Group Three

News ~ Group Two

3) Text Talk Course ~ Upper Beginner Level

Basic Text ~ Group One

Basic Text ~ Group Two

Basic Text ~ Group Three

Travel Text  ~ Group One

Travel Text  ~ Group Two

Travel Text  ~ Group Three

Recommended Books

Recommended Books

Recommended Books

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Nouns /Forms

Verbs /Actions

Role Plays

Photo Talk

Mixed Questions




Curricular Approach

File Planner

Thesis and Papers